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What Did the Paris Summit Deliver for Africa and What’s Next?

Africa continues to face daunting challenges arising notably from high indebtedness, inflationary pressures, financing shortages,...

The African Union Should Prepare Now for G20 Membership

As more countries call for the AU to be granted full membership, African leaders must...

Why financial inclusion still matters to Africa

Financial exclusion is hurting Africa’s prosperity hopes. Currently, 40% of the continent’s population remains unbanked,...

Towards Africa Climate Week: Expectations and Key Issues

The anticipation is palpable. The hope is credible. Growing up in the harsh, remote regions...

Explainer: What you need to know about the Africa Climate Week

After months of anticipation and careful planning, the D-Day has finally arrived. Beginning Monday, September...

Press Release: Scaling debt-for-climate swaps to finance Climate Action

Nairobi, Kenya– At the event, top African experts call for more innovation, partnerships and government...

Turning Debt into Climate Action: Africa’s Path to Sustainability

To address the impacts of climate change, government and business leaders meeting at a high-level...

What Africa can gain from historic G20 membership

After years of lengthy negotiations and aggressive lobbying, the African Union has been admitted to...

Investing in green bonds to bridge climate inequalities

Experts suggest that Green Bonds could be the perfect solution to address the pressing need...

Rethinking how to attract private sector finance for Africa’s development

For years, the private sector has been hailed as the essential engine of Africa's development....

Embracing aquaculture to meet Africa’s food needs

Decades after the end of colonial rule, Africa is still struggling to feed its people....

Emerging threats to debt sustainability in Africa.

The fiscal shocks linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict have compounded Africa’s...


UN says dubious credit ratings from Big 3 cost Africa $75bn a year

Financing methane Action in Africa webinar.

What should Africa expect from COP28

African experts call for new paradigm to unlock methane action financing

Africa needs a transformative methane strategy at COP28

PRESS RELEASE: African experts call for new paradigm to unlock methane action financing

Attracting private sector finance to spearhead Africa’s development

AGOA’s successes in Africa demand an extension