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Autonomisation des communautés : initiative de panneaux solaires Africatalyst et Village des Tortues

Dans une célébration de l'énergie durable, AfriCatalyst est fier de soutenir l'achèvement du projet de...

Investing in women – A crucial step towards accelerating the green transition

The world is on the brink of a green transition that will tackle climate change...
Mixed race male doctor holding covid-19 vaccination wearing face mask. medicine healthcare professional during covid 19 coronavirus pandemic.

Press Release

The Alliance for Epidemic Preparedness and Response in West Africa (APRE) welcomes its Advisory Board...
A man in a suit giving an interview on al jazeera from dakar, identified as daouda sembene, ceo of africatalyst.

Tackling Africa’s debt crisis, a conversation with Aljazeera

As of 2022, more than half of the low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa were in...
Man in business attire speaking during a television interview with financial information displayed at the bottom of the screen.

How can Africa mobilize funding for methane action – Our CEO Daouda Sembene speaks to CNBC Africa

Methane emissions across Africa increased at an annual rate of 2 percent on average from...
A landfill in the foreground with industrial smokestacks emitting smoke in the background.

Press Release

AfriCatalyst calls for establishment of an African Methane Abatement Bond framework to finance methane action...
Cargo ship loaded with containers navigating through a wide river with a coastal cityscape in the background at dusk.

African Countries Need A New Economic Model

Many countries across Africa are experiencing an economic malaise. What began as a slump for...
Promotional graphic for the africatalyst podcast discussing debt-for-climate swaps as potential game-changers for climate finance in africa.

Can ‘debt-for-climate’ swaps be the climate finance game-changer Africa has been waiting for?

In this podcast, Arnold Segawa engages Paolo Zacchia, on strategies, challenges, andopportunities in rolling debt-for-climate-swaps...
Modern skyscrapers rise towards a clear sky in an urban setting, with the fitch ratings logo displayed on one building's facade.

UN says dubious credit ratings from Big 3 cost Africa $75bn a year

During the margins of the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings ,Africatalyst, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)...
Promotional material for a conference on financing methane action in africa, dated 23rd november 2023, depicting industrial smokestacks emitting pollution.

Financing methane Action in Africa webinar.

The panel discussion explored the intricacies of advancing methane finance in Africa, addressing the critical...
A webinar with five participants discussing the financing of methane action in africa, dated 23rd november 2023.

African experts call for new paradigm to unlock methane action financing

As global methane emissions continue to rise, African policymakers, ahead of COP28, are calling for...
A man at a conference with a name tag, "amadou alpha sall," indicating his position as the director general of the institut pasteur de dakar.

Sneak Peek of Building Strategic Partnerships for epidemic preparedness and Response in Africa event

Key highlights of the Health Alliance of African Risk Capacity Group, West African Health Organization...
A man in a dark suit speaking at a panel discussion with a microphone in front of him.

Our CEO Daouda Sembene’s contribution during the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) panel at #ECONFEST2023

Watch our CEO Daouda Sembene's contribution on Africa's Agenda for Global Financial architecture reform during...
daouda marrajeshhh

Our CEO Daouda Sembene’s contribution on the Financing for development panel: What next at #ECONFEST2023 in Marrakesh

Daouda Sembene participated in a panel, discussing development finance at the Marrakesh Economic Festival hosted...
A woman presenting a segment on reasons behind increasing support for african union membership.

Why is Africa’s seat at the G20 important?

Our CEO spoke to BBC on the significance of AU joining the G20. Hes poke...
A man in a gray suit jacket speaking during a video interview with al jazeera, with "dakar" indicated as the location.

Will the AU’s admission to the G20 bring real change? Our CEO Daouda Sembene speaks to Aljazeera

Our CEO Daouda Sembene discusses the significance of African Union's G20 membership with Aljazeera. He...
A man in a blue traditional attire sitting behind a laptop and gesturing during a conversation.

[Focus] Comprendre la crise de la dette en Afrique : À l’origine, une conjonction de chocs

Le fardeau de la dette devient de plus en plus insupportable pour l’Afrique. Selon le...
A man in a blue shirt standing in front of a sign with the word "africa.

Daouda Sembène, économiste, céo d’Africatalyst : « L’architecture financière internationale actuelle contribue à perpétuer le cercle vicieux de la dette 

Dans ce deuxième et dernier volet de notre entretien, Daouda Sembène, Ceo d’AfriCatalyst, aborde la...


Autonomisation des communautés : initiative de panneaux solaires Africatalyst et Village des Tortues

Investing in women – A crucial step towards accelerating the green transition

Press Release

What would effective credit ratings reform for Africa look like?

Embracing green hydrogen to power Africa’s green growth

Can ‘Africa Club’ be Africa’s magic bullet for reforming the global financial architecture?

Tackling Africa’s debt crisis, a conversation with Aljazeera

How Africa can move closer to a greener future in 2024