Our Team

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Our People

The future is in your hands. Our talented, diverse, multiethnic and multinational team comes from all corners of Africa.

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Daouda Sembene

Managing Partner

Daouda is the CEO of AfriCatalyst, a global development advisory based in Dakar, Senegal. He is affiliated with the Washington-based Center for Global Development (CGD) and the Accra-based African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) as a Distinguished Non-resident Fellow. 


Ibrahima Sar

Senior Advisor

Mr. Ibrahima Sar is Principal Inspector of the Treasury, he graduated in Development Economics from the Centre for Studies and Research on International Development (CERDI).


Fenohasina Rakotondrazaka Maret

Senior Advisor

Fenohasina Rakotondrazaka Maret is a development economist with more than 12 years of experience. She was recently an economist at the Office of the President of the Republic of Madagascar and a senior research associate in the Urban Institute’s Center on International Development and Governance where she oversaw a public sector system strengthening project in Tanzania.


Boris Houenou

Senior Advisor

Dr. Boris Houenou is a highly accomplished senior economist with over 14 years of professional experience in strategy development, advising, research, policy advocacy, leadership, and operational delivery across a wide range of areas.


Saturnin Toudonou

Consultant Trainer

Holder of a Master in Audit and Management Control, Saturnin is a young and ambitious Beninese with experience in his field. He works in the positions of Accounting and Financial Manager, Administrative Manager, Accounting and Financial Manager, Chief Accountant whereby he ensures the administrative, financial and accounting management.


Rachel Doornbosch

Assistant Researcher (Intern)

Rachel is currently in her final year of the Bachelor's program in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Utrecht University and is pursuing a minor in Applied Data Science. Previous internships at institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have sparked her interest in exploring development economics.


Ali Mansoor

Senior Advisor

Ali served as the Financial Secretary in Mauritius from 2006 to 2013, where he formulated and implemented a wide-ranging reform program. He was the first African Chair of the Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD) in 2012.


Paolo Zacchia

Senior Advisor

Paolo Zacchia is a development economist with more than two decades of experience in economic policy, applied economic research, and policy dialogue.


Bernard Mogaka Kinara

Senior Advisor

Bernard Mogaka Kinara is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in various fields, particularly in the digital finance sector. Early in his career, Bernard worked as a marketing specialist for several major brands such as UPS Europe N.V and InterSwitch East Africa Ltd.


Mr. Mahamadi GABA


Enthusiastic and passionate about the crucial issues of our time, Mahamadi GABA holds a Master's degree in Applied Economics with a specialization in natural resource and environmental economics from the Inter-University Third Cycle Program (PTCI).


Yacine Ndiaye

Project Manager

Yacine was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal however her studies allowed her to experience other places. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of North Texas in the United States.


Samba Ndiaye


Samba Ndiaye is a seasoned professional in the field of finance, with over a decade of experience in financial analysis, business intelligence and business management.

Originally from Senegal, he obtained his degree in Finance in his home country after pursuing in-depth studies in Accounting Finance Management in France and training in Real Estate Finance at the Wisconsin School of Business.


Thiaba Camara Sy

Senior Advisor

Throughout a 33-year long career in the fields of auditing, accounting and management consulting, Thiaba has served numerous public institutions and private companies in virtually all sectors of the West African economy allowing her to develop a solid international professional network.


Daniel Citrin

Senior Advisor

As a strategic leader, Daniel guided strategic policy operations in the IMF for over 25 years. Strategic projects include leading reforms to the process of formulating and monitoring IMF operational budget, advising the Managing Director on the IMF’s rapid response to the European crisis, and co-chairing the comprehensive review of IMF’s compensation and benefits framework.


Jean-Claude Tchatchouang

Senior Advisor

Jean-Claude Tchatchouang is an accomplished economist and financial expert with vast experience in international finance and development. Jean-Claude received his Master's degree in Finance and International Economics from Brandeis University in the United States in 1998.


Steve Williams MBOLLO


Steve is an experienced Senior Data Analyst and Statistician with an exceptional track record in data management and analytics. With proven expertise in working with various organizations, Steve has successfully contributed to critical projects and provided valuable insights to inform decision-making processes.


Awa Mbaye


She was born and raised in Senegal. She studied in France where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economic Analysis and Policy at UCA (University of Clermont Auvergne) and with a Master's degree in Development Economics, with a major in Public Finance at CERDI (Centre d'Études et de Recherche pour le Development International).


Fifi Esther

Operations and Projects Officer

Fifi Esther is a dedicated professional with a passion for organization and coordination, currently transitioning from an administrative role to project management


Senior Advisor

Managing Partner

Fabrice Ndjodo is the founder and Managing Partner of Afrotopia Capital (, an investment firm that partners exclusively with family-owned businesses and operates in West and Central Africa.


Francis Dogo

Senior Advisor

Francis Dogo is a seasoned international development specialist who, until recently, was serving as an Adviser to the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank. The Bank is the primary multilateral development financial institution in Africa, with members in 54 African and 26 non-African countries and operations of about 10 billion USD per annum.


Amani Mustafa Mhinda

Senior Advisor

Mr. Amani Mustafa Mhinda is an experienced legal, development and political economy expert with over 24 years’ experience in non-profit, academic and development fields. Extensive academic journey from Universities of Cairo (LLB, BA Africa studies) and Nairobi (LLM) and other post graduate qualifications from Ghana, Australia, South Africa and Norway.


Djeynaba Ba


Passionate about the intersection of international studies, business, and social development, Djeynaba Ba holds a bachelor's degree from the Ohio State University.

With nearly five years of impactful work in the nonprofit sector, she dedicated herself to assisting refugees and immigrants in achieving self-sufficiency.


Cyril Andze

Assistant Researcher (Intern)

Cyril is a fifth year student in ESSCA (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales). He finishes a Master’s degree in international business and strategy with a major in consulting. Passionate about economics, Cyril engages himself in self-learning thanks to online educational platforms in order to acquire an expertise in public policy and development.


Bineta Pouye

Operations Manager

Bineta holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages ​​and a Master's degree in Intercultural Management, Communications and Events Planning from the Catholic University of Lyon.