AfriCatalyst and Speak Up Africa sign a Memorandum of Understanding

AfriCatalyst and Speak Up Africa are pleased to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding under the terms of which they will cooperate to build, support, and strengthen partnerships needed to secure progress toward sustainable development goals (SDGs) on the African Continent.
Building on their respective expertise, both parties have contributed to shaping positive development outcomes in close collaboration with domestic and external partners. Going forward, their partnership agreement will go a long way toward further boosting the economic and social impact of their work. Indeed, AfriCatalyst’s efforts to catalyze positive change in Africa through partnership building and evidence-based research are closely aligned with Speak Up Africa’s transformative work and expertise in policy and advocacy for public health and sustainable development.
At the continental level, we are not where we need to be when it comes to sustainable action and investment. The urgency is clear; we only have a few years to implement sustainable systems transformation – in line with the SDGs – that will allow us to tackle our most pressing health, economic and social issues. This makes the need for an extraordinary collaborative action on sustainable development issues from public and private sector coalitions all the more urgent.
Through the MoU, AfriCatalyst and Speak Up Africa have agreed, among others, to share and exchange knowledge and information in a mutually beneficial manner, while supporting each other’s efforts to help translate national and continental policy initiatives into tangible actions. In this regard, AfriCatalyst will be involved in the implementation of Speak Up Africa’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, with a focus on building and sustaining political and financial leadership for endemic disease elimination, global health research and development, and immunization in Africa. Both parties will also work collaboratively to organize joint activities to plan, develop and implement programs and projects.


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